The state government has already sanctioned

The Mamata Banerjee government is setting up a centre of excellence for manufacture and marketing of diversified products with sal leaves and sabai grass at Jhargram in West Midnapore. The grass is mainly used in articles in making ropes that are bio degradable and often baskets."Our objective is to provide training to them so that they can manufacture diversified products like wall hangings, curtain, table tops and various other articles that can deck up the rooms in a household. The land has already been allotted for the purpose. We will also impart lessons on marketing of the product and provide them assistance in this regard," Mritunjay Bandyopadhyay, CEO of WBKVIB, said.

"The artisans will be trained in making products like caps and bags with sabai grass..There are nearly 20,000 artisans in the state, including 8,000 self-help groups mainly hailing from the economically backward classes and tribals associated with the manufacture of products like plates and bowls with sal leaves.

The state government has already sanctioned Rs 3 crore to China folding umbrellas factory the Khadi Board to go ahead with the project.The West Bengal Khadi & Industries Board (WBKVIB) that comes under the aegis of MSME department has been entrusted with the responsibility to go on with the project. The centre will be the first of its kind in the country," a top official of WBKVIB said.WBKVIB will also come up with a museum that will showcase intricate handicrafts of the artisans in the state

Screw-coupling basically pulls other coaches

WR runs more than 40 long-distance services every day. Until now, most long-distance trains used screw-coupling where two flat tops were attached to the end of a rod such that if the train stopped suddenly, the two flat tops would meet and keep the coaches from crashing into another.WR chief PR officer Ravindra Bhakar said.

"The decision was taken by railway board and we are currently waiting for the exact cost.Mumbai: To prevent coaches from colliding in case of derailment at high speeds, Western Railway (WR) has started using coupler technology in long-distance trains plying to and fro Mumbai.Explaining the advantage of the same, an official said.

"Screw-coupling basically pulls other coaches forward in the event a train derails which is bad because coaches pulled from the back would ram into each other, causing further damage, injuries, and even deaths." Consequently, the number of fatalities and injuries goes down. WR has ordered this coupling for almost 50 per cent of its long-distance coaches. The process will take a few more months.A coupler holds two coaches together.". Currently, only China kids umbrellas manufacturers Rajdhani, Duranto and Shatabdi mail express trains under WR use Centre-Buffer coupling. Centre-Buffer coupling has a big advantage in this scenario as it comes apart in case of derailment

Mizorams NGO Coordination Committee

The NGO Coordination Committee also lent support to the proposed protest rally to be China EVA umbrellas held across the state tomorrow by the Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), an apex Mizo body, in protest against the legislation.The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, passed in the Lok Sabha on January 8, seeks to provide Indian citizenship to non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan after six years of residence in India instead of 12 years, which is the norm currently, even if they do not possess any document. "The bill necessitates stronger protests," it said.All government employees, students and general public would stay away from functions organised on Republic Day on January 26, it said.

Mizorams NGO Coordination Committee, an umbrella organisation of civil societies and students bodies, have decided to boycott the Republic Day celebrations in the state in protest against the citizenship bill, the committees chairman Vanlalruata said.In a press statement issued after a meeting of the NGO Coordination Committee in Aizawl, it said that the Lok Sabha has passed the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 despite widespread protests..The bill is pending clearance from the Rajya Sabha

The vice chancellor has appointed

Last year, the Dusu polls were swept by BJP-affiliated ABVP. Apart from Dusu, which is an umbrella council, each college has its own students China foldable umbrellas union for which they hold separate elections.

Rawat of the department of chemistry as the chief election officer, Rajesh Tandon from the department of botany as chief returning officer and Pinki Sharma from the law faculty as the returning officer for the conduct of 2016-17 elections," DU registrar Tarun Das said.Dusu elections are expected to be held some time in September wherein students of the university and constituent colleges will directly elect the members of the council.S.Meena Panickar from the faculty of law and Abha Shukla from the faculty of commerce have been appointed as additional members in the team.

"The vice chancellor has appointed D."The VC has also appointed principals of colleges and heads of institutions affiliated to Delhi University as election officer for the conduct of elections in their respective colleges and institutions," Das said.Dusu is the representative body of students from most colleges and faculties in the city.Setting the process in motion for the Delhi University Students’ Union (Dusu) elections due in September, the university has appointed a team of officials for smooth conduct of the keenly contested polls

Umbrella hitmaker leaving the club dressed

According to reports, the gunshot was heard inside the club and caused "quite the commotion"..A shooting is believed to China POE Umbrellas manufacturers have occurred outside a nightclub Rihanna was hanging out showed the Umbrella hitmaker leaving the club dressed in a black hooded jacket over a grey top and looking calm.


The incident happened outside Project Los Angeles after a fight erupted and one of the individuals involved pulled out a gun and "fired off a single shot". The 27-year-old was quickly taken out of the club by her security. Footage procured by TMZ

Now it so happens that I come from a modelling

Hence, Salman sir gave me the tag of ‘Metrosexual man. Hum mardon ko bhi khubsurat dikhne ka haq hai yar. Freddy says, "I was getting offers but I did not wish to opt for those characters as they were not appealing to me. But yes I surely like to keep my nails clean.. He is fine with a fan around and will sit in the broad sunlight without going into his van."Working in ‘Race 3’, a Salman Khan starrer film."Your take on ‘Metro Sexual man’ take kay ho sakta hai. Avoid getting tanned as an actor you need to have a China wholesale golf umbrellas clear skin.Mumbai: Freddy Daruwala made his presence felt as a villain with his first outing ‘Holiday’, since then it has been four years."Adding one important trait in him he adds.

"I indeed love to smell good and thus use my favourite perfume always…Smelling bad who would like yar?? He concludes. Freddy got the tag of ‘Being The Metro Sexual’ man on the sets…Also during the first trailer launch of the film, Salman addressed him as "Hi…metrosexual!!"We were inquisitive to know why he got this tag ‘Metrosexual’? Freddy told us the inside story.

"Now it so happens that I come from a modelling background and I have been told to save my skin from sun." [We men also have the right to look handsome possessing good skin so no harm in being metro sexual]So does Freddy care for manicure and pedicure also? Laughs aloud…Not that much.’ Adding further he updates, "Salman Khan Sir –once out on the sets will never go inside his van. This quality of his is amazing and I do not know yet how he maintains to look so dashing and good looking. So whenever I came out of the van I would come under the shelter of an umbrella to protect my skin from the bright sunlight

The HNC representatives will be arriving a day late

Several dozen more residents of the town are in "danger of death" because of severe malnutrition, the group known by its French acronym MSF warned..Representatives of Syria’s largest mainstream Opposition umbrella group were set to arrive in Geneva on Saturday evening, allaying fears they would boycott UN-brokered talks aimed at ending the country’s brutal civil war.

A delegation from the Saudi-backed High Negotiations Committee (HNC) was preparing to leave Riyadh, spokesperson Monzer Makhous said.On Friday, a 16-member delegation representing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime held nearly three hours of preliminary talks with UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura."This is the 21st century and we have children who are dying from hunger," HNC’s Hind Kabawat said.But their about-face China POE Umbrellas manufacturers does not mean the situation on the ground has improved.HNC had long refused to join the talks without an end to bombardments of civilians and an agreement on relief reaching hundreds of thousands of people stuck in besieged Syrian towns.

The HNC representatives will be arriving a day late for the UN-backed talks.On Saturday, the Doctors Without Borders charity said at least 16 more people have starved to death in the besieged town of Madaya since an aid convoy entered earlier in January, bringing the number who have died of starvation there since December to 46.The announcement came after the group late Friday grudgingly relented to Western and Saudi pressure to attend the talks, the biggest push to date to chart a way out of Syria’s nearly five-year war."We will be arriving this evening in Geneva," he said, adding that HNC chief Riad Hijab would join the delegation later in the Swiss city

With Chhattar festival around the corner, the district

Then a buffalo is sacrificed at the Budharaja or Vairab temple, a satellite shrine of the Manikeswari temple. The swords are then worshipped and brought back to the temple in a procession..Before the start of the sacrifice ritual on Asthami tithi of the Hindu month of Ashwina every year, two swords belonging to the goddess are washed in the pond located behind the palace.

The festival, celebrated in the name of the presiding deity of Orissa’s Kalahandi district, Maa Manikeswari, sees thousands of animals and birds sacrificed every year to propitiate the goddess, in defiance of the directions issued by the district administration and several awareness campaigns by animal rights groups.

With Chhattar festival around the corner, the district administration on Sunday urged people to do away with the ritual of animal sacrifice during the festival on October 9. The goddess is taken from Jenakhal after Sandhi puja to her temple inside the Bhawanipatna royal palace, her permanent abode, amid the rhythmic beats of Jenabadya, Nisan and Ghanta (traditional musical instruments) while dancers perform ‘Ghumura’ and martial art forms. The administration’s appeal comes a day after a preparatory meeting was held at the office of the superintendent of police for the smooth conduct of the celebration.Following this ritual, the Chhattar or umbrella of the goddess, along with two swords of the deity, are taken out for the procession.During the celebrations, lakhs of devotees make a beeline to partake China folding umbrellas manufacturers in the procession of Manikeswari

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